20th century Ethiopian Economists and 21 Century Null Ethiopian Economist

Our beloved COUNTRY ETHIOPIA provide well known Economist for Africa and world, from those well known Ethiopian Economist during 20th century NEGADRASE GEBREHIWOT BAYKEDAGN, MICKAEL TESEMA AND DERESA is one of the few. 

Negadrase G/Hiwot baykedagn

G/Hiwot born in Adwa and he went to Germen at youngest age,  during his stay in Germen he join Munich university and study medicine.
After completed his study he returned to Ethiopia with Germany medical team.

G/Hiwot after returned to his country served emperor menilk as translater and advisor but   due to conflict with emperor menilik wife Etege Taytu he went for Sudan for exile,

Few months later because of illness He returned from Sudan to Ethiopia and settled in mesewa.

G/heiwot at the time of he settled in messewa he write several book about development, from this one of his well known book MENGIST ENA YEHEZBE ASTEDADER write at this time.

G/Hiwot books not only published in Amharic language it translated into English.

G/Hiwot Baykedagn Macro Economic Development Model

G/Hiwot bold and belive Each country Developed its Economy through Fair distribution of resources to each sector,Promote Education and infrastructure, build institutions to settle peoples conflicts by rule and regulations.
G/Hiwot  explained government role by his economic model, according to his model government role in the economy is manage country inflow and outflow goods and manage the market.

G/Hiwot with out fear critisized Emperor and emperor officials by their economic policy.

Today After 100  years our country the so called Economist focused on foreigners economist work for recent our country economic problems and development.



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