Seeds that Do Not Sprout: Ethiopia’s Urban – Rural Links and Their Development Disconnect By Getachew Felleke

Success in industrialization has been a major driving force in economic development of
countries. It is industrialization that provides a country with the resource base it needs to
build various other sectors of its economy. By the same token, the failure to industrialize
will result in various impediments on the path of development. Because industrialization is
such an integral part of development itself, it is critically important for a country like
Ethiopia to focus on removing the barriers that frustrate its industrialization. This study is
an attempt to explore the sources and impacts of these barriers to industrialization.


When and why do economies fail to undergo a significant structural transformation
from a traditional, predominantly agrarian economy to a modern industrial one?
This study is guided by the assumption that economic progress is highly influenced
by progress in industrialization. The failure to industrialize could undermine economic
activities in all sectors, including the agriculture sector. By implication, the failure to
industrialize could also result in the emergence and persistence of all forms of social
and economic ills, including poverty, income disparity, illiteracy and health needs that
remain unattended. While industrialization may not guarantee solutions to all these
problems, it can bring to a society the capacity to resolve the social and economic
concerns that it chooses to target. Where industrialization does not take root, even the
best designed plans and programs of development will run into obstacles and
frustrations. Barring endowment in some exceptionally bountiful economic resource, a
country must commit to undertake a concerted effort to industrialize if it is to find the
goal of economic growth and development within its reach.

Development That Eludes

By most measure of social and economic performance, Ethiopia’s problems with
launching its economic development have been both deep and persistent. The preceding
decades of economic experiments have at best been faltering. Stagnation…….Click here to read Seeds that Do Not Sprout


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