The paradox is …

The paradox is that we must — often artificially — create shortage. Only in shortage is there adventure, and therefore entertainment and meaning of life as well. It is symptomatic that an entire industrial sector has been created for this purpose: The entertainment industry — factory-created entertainment and diversion, which frequently lies in the simulation of shortage . And so it happens that we the oversatiated watch, from the warmth of our homes, televised adventures in which the heroes suffer from hunger and cold. It is a paradox: The more satiated and safe we become, the more we demand artificial entertainment and plastic danger. And there is a second paradox: We can only watch filmed simulations of suffering of cold and hunger from a position of surplus, in the warmth of our homes and with popcorn in hand. Watching such films while also experiencing the same type of shortage (hungry, cold) would be hard to imagine.



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