Economic Development Indicators

This inter-departmental report provides a broad range of indicators relevant to New Zealand’s
economic performance. It has been prepared in order to inform economic debate and policy making.

A growing, open, and competitive economy is a key means of delivering permanently higher incomes and living standards to New Zealanders. Without higher economic growth, the economy will not deliver higher living standards or the quality of life to which New Zealanders aspire.

Government agencies publish a number of sets of indicators relating to a broad range of social,economic, and environmental outcomes. In this report, Economic Development Indicators 2011, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Treasury, and Statistics New Zealand report on New Zealand’s recent economic development and its contribution to wellbeing. The report updates and expands on three previous reports, published in 2003, 2005, and 2007.

The indicators used in this report vary in quality, timeliness, and robustness due to their different sources. In addition, the causal relationship between the indicators and economic development is complex and not always clear cut. For both reasons, the individual indicators need to be interpreted with care. Nevertheless, we are confi dent that the overall picture presented by this Economic Development Indicatorsreport is robust.


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